Arrufat Sports Agency

Services to the sportsman:

We advise, we support and we negotiate the contracts with the clubs, in all its aspects, ensuring your interests. We analyze the market, facilitating all the information to you suggesting you the best options being youthe one that takes the final decision. We manage your image and communication of effective form both in the sports and social ambience trying for the best yield of your personal brand.We attend to you in the personal ambience in all the moments of your career and offer support to your family circle. We offer our experience on the juridical, fiscal, financial and hereditary aspects. We encourage the development of your personal talent and we impel you to the action. We take care of your health both in your medical recovery and the progress of the yield, with the best professionals who will service the athlete all the doctors needed. We support you in school, trying all possible facilities for academic development realizing an active pursuit. We advise and support you in your personal preparation later to your sports career.

Services to clubs and federations:

  • Scouting tasks:  special pursuit of the progression of young promises, paying special attention to the youngest and to its family circle.
  • Contract negotiations:  with third for the hiring, transfers or sportsmen’s transfers.
  • Design: in the structure and organization of staff, working in accordance with the guidelines marked by the entities that place its that trust in us.
  • Claims management: for indemnification of formation andmechanisms of solidarity.
  • External advice: on national and international regulations and demands of third.
  • Sponsorship management: designing the best options according to the image you want to transmit.
  • Pre-season Stages: Adapting the needs of the technical team.
  • Organization of events: tournaments, tours and friendlies.