Carlitos Garín

Carlitos Garín 8


Full Name:   Carlos Nicolás Garín Toribio
Nickname:   Carlitos Garín
Date of birth:   09/12/1993
Place of birth:   Chilpancingo, México
Nationality(-ies):   México
Height:   178 cm
Weight:   71 Kg
Position (s):   Striker
Footed:   Right
Current team:   Real Cuautitlán, México
Category:  2nd Division, Mexico
Notes:  Player dynamic, explosive, and technical; with great offensive display, changes of pace, dribbling, excellent aerial game and good definition. Its offensive strength also is marked with assists to generate moves of danger, in addition to their discipline and intelligence tactically.
Sport Background:
» 2015-2017 Real Cuautitlan 2nd Div-Mexico
» 2014-2015 Selva Cañera Zapatec 2nd Div-Mexico
» 2013-2014 Atlante Sub-20 1st Di.v – 20 Sub – Mexico
» 2012-2013 Chilpancino 3rd Div.


» 2014-15 Selva Cañera de Zacatepec 2da División
» Subcampeonato de liga
» Semifinal de liguilla
» 2013-14 Atlante Sub20.Cuartos de final
» 2012-13 Avispones Chilpancingo, liderato de goleadores con 33 goles en 30 partidos