Elvis Mosquera

Elvis Mosquera 01

Full Name: Elvis David Mosquera Valdés
Nickname: David Mosquera
Date of birth: 24/01/1991
Place of birth: Quibdó – Chocó, Colombia
Nationality(-ies): Colombia
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 73 Kg
Position (s): Midfielder
Footed: Right
Current team: Aguilas Doradas Itagüi, Colombia.
Category: 1st. División, Colombia.
Notes: Player leader, good performance, good air game and auction of middle distance.
Wrestler, with character and personality, enthusiastic, good worker and very ordered tactically.
Sport History:
»2014 – 2015 Aguilas Doradas Itagüi FC. 1ª Div. Colombia.
»2013 – 2014: Independiente Santa Fé. 1ª Div. Colombia.
»2008 – 2013: Aguilas Doradas Itaguï FC, 1ª Div. Colombia.
»2005 – 2008: Indepenmdiente Santa Fé, 1ª Div. Colombia


»Campeón Primera B – Aguilas Doradas – Itagüi 2.012