Dani Rodríguez

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Full Name:   Dani Rodríguez Chabi
Nickname:   Dani Rodríguez
Date of birth:   26/11/1992
Place of birth:   Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain
Nationality(-ies):   Spanish
Height:   174 cm
Weight:   65 Kg
Position (s):   Extreme, both sides
Footed:   Right
Current team:   SK Solva Bratislava. Slovakia.
Category:   1st Div. Slovakia.
Notes:  Its explosive force makes it very fast, especially in bands, making it very difficult to stop him.
It is intelligent, stylish, and very dangerous in the rival area
It has great quality when playing in team with great vision of the game.
Sport Background:
» 2016 – 2017 SK Solvan Bratislava, 1ª Div. Slovakia.
» 2015 – 2016 St. Joseph´s FC, 1ª Div. Gibraltar.
» 2015 – 2015: Omonia Nicosia, Cyprus
» 2014-2015: SK Slovan Bratislava B, 2nd div., Slovakia.
» 2013-2014: SK Slovan Bratislava B, 3rd div., Slovakia
» 2012-2013: Atlético Coin, 1st Reg. Andalusia, Spain
» 2011-2012: Atlético Marbella, 1st Reg. Andalusia, Spain.


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