Matheus Leoni

1 Matheus Leoni

Full Name: Matheus Leoni
Nickname:  Matheus Leoni
Date of birth:   20/09/1991
Place of birth:   Recife. Brasil
Nationality(-ies):   Brasil – Italia UE
Height:   182 cm
Weight:   76 Kg
Position (s):   Left side
Footed:   Left
Current team:   Luverdense
Category:   Serie B. Brasil.
Notes: Left side with very good technique, height 1,82, great run in attack and measured centers.
Very good vision.
Voted “Best Left Side” Championship Baiano 2,015
“The offensive part is one of my strengths, I like to get to the bottom line and have opportunities from outside the box.”

Sport Background:
» 2015 – 2016 Luverdense Serie B Brasil
» 2014 – 2015 Vitoria de Conquista Serie B Brasil
» Guarany de Sobral Serie B Brasil
» Ariquemes F.V. Serie B Brasil
» 2013 – 2014 Salgueiro A.C. Serie B Brasil
» 2012 -2013 BSV Rehden Alemania
» Figueirense F.C. Brasil.